Creating Unique Product Packaging

What exactly is product packaging? And how do you make it really stand out from the rest? Making products with simple and sleek design has become common place these days, but what do you use for product packaging that is really eye catching?

What would make it stand out? Some people like to use a big box that showcases their product prominently. You could also use a standard container, but make sure that the materials are sturdy enough to last a few uses. Many standard boxes are made out of cheap cardboard that are quickly worn out or break.

Many manufacturers would like to have full-size containers that are plastic coated with paper or felt, to keep the product secure. Many people enjoy plastic bags, which is good for those who like the look of a bag. You could also use an adhesive backing on the bag, which makes it easy to apply to the container.

Another item that can help your packaging is something that has a strong metal frame. This would be the best choice for heavy-duty packaging, as the frame would hold the box together and wouldn’t allow the product to shift about. The bottom of the box should be cut out so that it can be attached to the upper part of the container. You can also make the lid using materials that are cheaper but look very stylish.

Of course, you can even choose different colors to dress up your products. If you are going to have colors in the custom product boxes, then it would be very good to try out different colors to find the ones that match well. You can also use a different material for the label, so you can have it very unique and not look cluttered.

Make sure that the imprint of your logo is seen on all the packaging as well. This will be very helpful for your customers as they go through the retailing process. It will also be seen from a distance, as many companies can get their logo for a certain price. If you have an established logo, then this will be an advantage, as your logo can be incorporated into the packaging.

Another thing to look at is how much ventilation the packaging has. While some companies would like their products to stay nice and cool during shipping, this isn’t always feasible. In this case, you could use vents on the side so that the product gets fresh air.

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to packaging. A simple design could work, while adding a lot of extra decorations would be great. Try to match your packaging to the product, or get the product to go with the packaging, so the product can also be utilized.

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