Four Signs It’s Time to Call Water Damage Restoration Services

Some homeowners think that a water leak or busted pipe is easy to notice. But, some signs of water damage may be covered up under the flooring, behind walls, or even on the outside of the house. No matter when the leak started, there are different ways to fix the water damage if you hire water damage restoration services. Providers of these services will carefully look for the source of the leak to stop water from causing more damages.

Water damage take on different colors, odors, and texture, depending on the area and the level of damage. Becoming familiar with the signs of water damage will help you recognize a current problem and make sure future issues are dealt with right away. Here are signs that you have water damage on your handsthat require you to contact a water damage restoration company right away:

Floor Surface Changes

Although a floor surface can show staining like walls and ceilings do, the main sign of water damage on floors is a change on the surface. This happens when water saturates wood floorboards, linoleum, laminate, and other materials and areas underneath them.


Water damage in the ceiling is obvious as you can see water spots or stains. The discolored area may look dry or wet. The color might be reddish, gray, or yellow. Also, damage on walls comes in the form of splitting, bubbling, or peeling paint.

Water Buildup

Your home is experiencing water damage when there are areas of standing or pooling water. This can lead to old or damaged appliances including water heaters, washers, and toilets. Also, a puddle could result from a leaking roof or from the seepage of underground plumbing when water builds up in the yard.

Musty Smell

Mold and mildew can cause odors that could include a water damage issue. The smell may start from inside walls, storm cellars, or different levels that have collected water for a while. Some drywall materials can serve as a sponge and become too damp. This is possible in areas with low airflow. This condition is ideal for mold growth which will result in dark spots and unpleasant odor.

If your home has water damage or if you think you may have a problem, water damage restoration professionals are there to help. Get in touch with them as soon as possible and schedule an assessment. They will find the source and provide different options for control and remediation.

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