How installing an HR dashboard will transform the thinking of an organisation

The HR (human resource) department is a crucial part of any business or organisation that is responsible for all worker-related issues. HR deals with everything, including recruitment, vetting, selecting, hiring, onboarding, training, promoting, paying, and dispensing with employees and independent contractors.

Development in this field has advanced in recent years through the introduction of HR analytics, a data-driven approach towards implementing Human Resources Management. The information is then stored on an HR dashboard built on Microsoft Power BI, helping organisations to discover useful HR insights for strategic decision making.

The functions offered by an HR dashboard

  • The HR team can quickly review and analyse all critical KPIs (a performance indicator) in one place, offering an insight into such high-level metrics as employees by role and by location in relation to gender and training.
  • Employee performance dashboards will help HR teams and business managers understand the effectiveness, satisfaction in the role, and target progress of their workforce. Analysing wages against performance will point to the number of active employees by rating level, after the performance information is input, and salary by employee rating.
  • An HR dashboard can show an HR leader useful information as training programme metrics like completion percentage, hours, and what the cost entails. This will allow the department to evaluate the use of different training courses.
  • The modern world demands that businesses and organisations maintain a diverse and balanced workforce. An HR dashboard will offer information to fully understand the demographic characteristics of their employees and to analyse data on age, gender, location, department, and ethnic groups.
  • An interactive dashboard allows the HR professionals the opportunity to get in depth into demographic data to study ethnic diversity within the company so to offer guidance on future appointments.
  • The HR department can use a dashboard to see how a particular group is represented within the workforce and in which roles and salary band they are employed in.
  • Human Resources will be offered a guideline to influence who and what skills are missing within the company and can be strengthened through specific recruitment. The analysis shows what areas it is vital to retain staff and reward employees for their excellence.

Installing an HR dashboard to fully analyse the performance of staff and their skills, demographics, and salaries will lead to a successful, forward organization where performance matters and is rewarded. Save money where it is not needed and propel the company to the next level.

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